Snow Day

December 17, 2007

Today unexpectedly turned out to be amazingly good for my soul. I found myself in the rare position of having the house and shop all to myself. The second snow storm of the week promised a peaceful and productive day. My plan for the day was to drastically shorten my “to do list” and clear my mind. I tinkered in the shop to the sweet sounds of Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughan, then fired up my torch, and filled my kiln with holiday special orders. In the house I strung berry garlands, hung lights, and readied the Christmas tree for decorating this evening. I checked so many items off my list that I decided I deserved a relaxation reward.

I wandered off for a walk in the snow with my camera and a content heart. The world transforms under a blanket of new snow and seems full of whimsical possibility. It brings out the kid in me, presents the landscape in a fresh light, and infects me creatively. The peaceful quiet fills me up and stirs my thoughts. Walks in the beach side woods as a child, pond skating, the joy of making snow angels… memories of previous ambitions, the heat of a love past, a scent, a touch, a song, of lessons learned, and times in my life when I felt most alive, all crossed my mind. As I made my way back home across the fields, I thought optimistically of the coming new year and of all the amazing things I’ll be capable of accomplishing in it.

Feeling rejuvenated, yet chilled, I decided to sit and warm up with a glass of wine next to my newly lit Christmas tree before heading back to work. Normally I drink red wine but today I opened a bottle of a Long Island Rosé I had been saving for a “rainy day”. Thinking so much of the past and looking towards the future made me realize I should just enjoy it now. I’m not the type of person let a good thing like an extraordinary snowy day or a glass of Rosé under the Christmas tree pass me by.

Seize your joy and have a wonderful Holiday Season!






The Perfect Day

November 28, 2007

Some days I wake up feeling like I’m going to have the perfect day. At 4:50 am I sat bolt upright in bed with ideas and ambition swarming in my head. I snuck out of bed quietly so as not to wake the kids. I got dressed, made a pot of coffee, and went out to the studio to empty the kiln from last night’s torch session. At 12:45 am, my kiln wasn’t full in the quantity sense but in the quality sense it was overflowing. Special orders were completed, new ideas explored, and a few favorites restocked. I came back to the house took photos, edited them, and loaded the new pieces on my website all before 6:30 am.

I finished just in time to grab a cup of coffee and go out to watch the sun rise over the mountains and cut fields. It was a glorious type of sunrise that even at 37° fills you with warmth. The steam dancing from my coffee cup in the warm glow of the new day boosted my mood straight into the clouds. My “To Do List” vanished for a moment and I got lost in feeling good and hopeful. When I came back in, both of my boys were cuddled on the couch waiting for cups of milk and Ego waffles while they watched Bob The Builder. That’s the normal morning routine. I’ll write about the “waffle thing” another time. It’s post worthy.

I still have a list a mile long to check off today, hurdles to jump, and a beadmaking class to teach tonight. Luckily a morning like this better equipts me to do all of it. I know I’ll crash eventually but at least I’ll have a smile on my face when I do.

Take a peek at some of my newest treasures available on Just Beads and the Thirteen Moons Website.

Harmony Butterfly

Crush Sea Turtle

Oh… and I hope you have a perfect day too! 😉