The Perfect Day

November 28, 2007

Some days I wake up feeling like I’m going to have the perfect day. At 4:50 am I sat bolt upright in bed with ideas and ambition swarming in my head. I snuck out of bed quietly so as not to wake the kids. I got dressed, made a pot of coffee, and went out to the studio to empty the kiln from last night’s torch session. At 12:45 am, my kiln wasn’t full in the quantity sense but in the quality sense it was overflowing. Special orders were completed, new ideas explored, and a few favorites restocked. I came back to the house took photos, edited them, and loaded the new pieces on my website all before 6:30 am.

I finished just in time to grab a cup of coffee and go out to watch the sun rise over the mountains and cut fields. It was a glorious type of sunrise that even at 37° fills you with warmth. The steam dancing from my coffee cup in the warm glow of the new day boosted my mood straight into the clouds. My “To Do List” vanished for a moment and I got lost in feeling good and hopeful. When I came back in, both of my boys were cuddled on the couch waiting for cups of milk and Ego waffles while they watched Bob The Builder. That’s the normal morning routine. I’ll write about the “waffle thing” another time. It’s post worthy.

I still have a list a mile long to check off today, hurdles to jump, and a beadmaking class to teach tonight. Luckily a morning like this better equipts me to do all of it. I know I’ll crash eventually but at least I’ll have a smile on my face when I do.

Take a peek at some of my newest treasures available on Just Beads and the Thirteen Moons Website.

Harmony Butterfly

Crush Sea Turtle

Oh… and I hope you have a perfect day too! 😉


Busy as an Elf!

November 27, 2007

While so many of my friends were out cruising sales and getting their Christmas shopping done this past weekend, I was busy as an elf in my workshop. I got some productive torch sessions in, lots of computer work done, and a few special orders filled. I have several new jewelry pieces available on my website, new beads up for auction on Just Beads, and I’m even working on reopening my Ebay Store.

Here’s a new piece just listed on

Amethyst Mist Hollow Lampwork Bead Necklace

I also spent time aligning my ducks for the grand opening of the studio on December 7th and 8th. Some finishing touches were made to trim, flooring, and displays in the studio. The most exciting thing I got to do was chat with several of the local artists and craftspeople who will be offering their work for sale at Thirteen Moons. Soon we’ll be arranging displays of pottery, candles, handbags, jewelry, leatherwork, handmade cards and stationary, stained glass, and art glass of every kind. In the next couple of weeks I’m going to be profiling some of the artists who’s work will be available at Thirteen Moons. One of the best parts of this endeavor is the opportunity to help support the artists in my community. Everything in the shop will be fully handcrafted by PA based artisans.

We have a list a mile long to complete each day for the next two weeks. The last step will be to haul in the Christmas trees, hang the lights, prepare the refreshments and put out the “Open” sign. Seeing the sign hung and the first customers coming through the door will feel amazing!

I’ll close with a peek at a new heart focal I have up on Just Beads.

Blue Hearted Focal

Under the Gun…

November 18, 2007

Isn’t it funny how as a deadline approaches the days and moments seem to progressively pass more quickly? December is right around the corner and with it comes our Holiday Grand Opening Celebration! We have so many exciting things planned so if you’re in NE PA, please stop by and check out the flameworking studio, hot glass and gifts, and maybe you’ll win some prizes!


Bouncing Back!

November 13, 2007

About four Wednesdays ago I recieved a call from the school nurse to pick my son up early from school. He had a 103° fever and was absolutely miserable. Over the following weeks, my entire family, including myself, fell victim to what seemed to be a super flu. It was not pretty. It got our friends, neighbors, teachers, and even the babysitter. Our lives about shut down for the better part of four weeks. Luckily, my family and the rest of the town seem to be bouncing back now. It’s amazing when you rejoin the world of the living how it hits you… the rest of the world doesn’t stop even when yours does.

After a week of madly scrambling to catch up with normal everyday things of family, home, and business, I’m mostly back on track. I’m torching, shipping, teaching, and auctioning away. I have a full kiln at the moment and a nice big smile on my face anticipating my evening torch session which will hopefully leave the second kiln full. Tomorrow morning I will have some new auctions to list on Just Beads and Ebay. By afternoon I’ll be ready to dig in to the major task of planning the Holiday Grand Opening of our studio and gallery on December 7th and 8th. If you’re in Northeastern PA be sure to come check us out!

Until then take a look at the goodies I’ll have available on Just Beads!

4982sunrisevesl407.jpg 6043violetvinehlw.jpg