What moves you?

October 30, 2007

It is all too easy to get caught up in the grind of daily life and overlook the things that move us when we’re at our best. As an artist, my senses lead me and define me. I’ve realized that is the exact reason why I have trouble creating and letting inspiration in when I’m stressed or in the wrong frame of mind. At those times I blow right past the things that move me and inspire me to create without a thought. Luckily the moments when I realize it’s happened and that I need to slow down and breath come frequently and easily.

Tonight I was scrambling, trying to do too many things at once, already looking ahead to tomorrow’s “List”, while still trying to catch up on last week’s. On a quick run out to my studio, I stepped out into the cool night air and it hit me and stopped me in my tracks. The air had a hint of a frost to come and wood smoke, the low and distant hum of the interstates across the valley barely audible. The stars bright and the three quarter moon illuminating shadows of a lone tractor next to the already harvested corn fields. I stood there next to the weeping cherry in my yard, bathing my face in the glow as if it were the warm summer sun shinning down on me. The peaceful night washed over me and I just breathed like I hadn’t in I don’t know how long. I relaxed and it stirred up ideas that were lying just beneath the surface, changed my mood and my mindset. I slowed down. When I returned to the house I felt energized and productive again.

My surroundings have always inspired me. I could find things to move me when I lived in the city just as I can now living in the mountains. There’s always something to play on my senses. I pull from it continually and I am so amazingly thankful for it. As an artist it’s so deeply important to recognize what moves you. It’s a wonderful surprise when it sneaks up and rejuvenates you when you least expect it yet need it most. Even more, it’s an amazing gift to be able to realize when you need it, seek it out, pull the inspiration you need to create, and make it work for you.


“The List”

October 21, 2007

It’s been awhile since I’ve spent enough time in front of the computer to form a thought any more complex than to type a password, or to click a ship, buy, or pay button. Leading the life of a multifaceted small business owner is interesting to say the least. Add two boys under the age of six to the mix and it’s pure mayhem! It’s a great thing that I thrive under pressure. The faster I have to move, the faster my mind goes and “The List” grows longer.

“The List” actually has many sublists. The ones in my head are the never changing memorized ones, the ever evolving ones, and the ones that haven’t been recorded yet. Saved in my phone or computer are the ones that actually tell me of their existence with alarms and reminders. The green notebook that’s never far from my reach has “to do” lists”, supply lists, special order lists, and idea lists, alternating with pictures and scribbles drawn by my 5 & 2 year olds. Then there’s the sticky notes… sticky notes are my downfall. They sit there on the desk looking so convenient and reliable when you need to jot down a quick note. Really they’re pure evil packed into a brightly colored cube. Once they’ve aquired your thoughts and facts, they up and disappear into oblivion! Leaving you with just a memory of the information they held and a great desire to kick yourself for letting your guard down and trusting them yet again.

Luckily, lately I haven’t made the mistake of entrusting my lists to the sticky notes. I can’t afford to have the evil little things get the best of me during this busy time of year. Besides, I have no clue where the stack of sticky notes is anyway.  Autumn means festivals and craft shows every weekend with a private party thrown in here and there. I have students booked for lampwork classes well into the future which leaves me wondering if I’ll ever get those jewelry making classes scheduled! Tool manufacturing,PTA commitments, scheduling auctions, soccer practice, web sales, cooking dinner, planning the Holiday Open House, pumpkin carving and hay rides, shipping, and playdates, in no particular order, rounds out “The List” on any given day. It helps me run my life, my business, and keeps my priorities in order. I need to check it to see just when I’m going to be able to schedule a moment to sit down at the torch and melt some glass next!